APSIH Volunteer Opportunities

APSIH depends upon its member volunteers to carry out its mission. Without members’ commitment and dedication, it would not be possible to conduct our activities, including the development of standards, guidelines, educational programming; and awarding of research awards and scholarships

There are several ways to become involved in APSIH:

Board of Directors: APSIH is governed by a 9-member board of directors elected by the members. A new board is installed on October 1st of each year. Detailed information can be found in the Board of Directors’ Position Descriptions, Competencies, and Qualifications.

Committees: APSIH committees plan and implement a variety of different programs. Most committees are appointed in the Winter and served from November 1st – October 31st of each year. Committees are organizing graduation ceremonies, bi-annual cultural conferences, and social events. If you are interested in being considered for a committee, please express your interest by sending your information to info@apsih.org.

Task Forces: In addition to committees, the APSIH president may appoint task forces during the year for narrowly defined purposes, such as developing and improving the APSIH website, working on APSIH monthly newsletter, or assisting in the development of a new program or publication. Task force terms vary depending on their purposes – they may be short-term (a few months) or long-term (more than one year). If you are interested in being considered for a task force, please express your interest and expertise by sending your information to info@apsih.org.