The Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage (APSIH) was established in 1986 by several professors and scholars of Iranian heritage who served in academic institutions and research centers in Southern California. APSIH was formed at the time when the Iranian image was distorted to the extreme, especially in western countries, due to the political problems of the time. The main intention of the founders was to create an organization to bond the isolated educationally accomplished individuals in the Iranian community. Besides creating a professional network, the aim was to have a prestigious organization that would elevate the image and the spirit of the Iranian community. The association has been truly successful in achieving these goals. Many new and lasting friendships that otherwise would not have happened have been made through APSIH and the general public has received valuable services from the organization in a multitude of ways.apsih founder member

APSIH is now an expanded organization that reflects, recognizes, and promotes scientific and scholarly achievements by Iranians, educates and informs the Iranian community, and spreads awareness among the world community about the rich Iranian heritage of scholarly achievements in diverse human endeavors, past and present. After decades of operation under the leadership of the founders, the Association is now being led by the new generation of Iranian scholars and is pursuing additional innovative directions.

The mission of APSIH is to create and promote scientific cooperation and enhancement within the social relations of professors and scholars of Iranian heritage within the governing laws of the United States of America without any discrimination based on ethnic origin, gender, religion, and political ideology. APSIH is a non-profit and independent educational organization without any bias toward any political, ideological, or religious group. Moreover, this association shall not participate in, endorse or repudiate any political, religious, or ethnic movement.

APSIH has been conducting a Sunday PM Radio program to introduce the gems of the Iranian scientific and business community to the public while informing the listeners about new developments in science, literature, and business concepts.

As a 501.c3 nonprofit organization, APSIH has been successful in receiving some financial support from philanthropic individuals and families for its scholarship program annually by honoring graduates from across the United States who have excelled in their academic work. These graduates are recognized in an annual ceremony sponsored by APSIH.

As we look into the future, with its track record for successfully encouraging scholarship, we invite other families to invest in APSIH’s mission to help a larger number of young talents of Iranian Heritage who not only need the mentorship of the APSIH’s professors and scholars but also have certain critical financial needs to achieve such noble goals and aspirations.