The main purpose of this society is the creation and promotion of scientific cooperation, and enhancement of the social relationship of Iranian professors and scholars within the governing laws of the State of California and without any discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, sex, religion and political ideology.

This association is non-profit and independent organization without any bias toward any particular political, ideological, or religious group. Moreover, this association shall not participate in, endorse or repudiate any political, religious, or ethnic movement.


The objectives of the society are as follows:

  1. To establish, facilitate and promote scientific cooperation and exchange of scientific, educational and scholarly views among its members.
  2. To enhance social relationship of the members.
  3. To expand and activities of the association to other geographical locations and membership recruitment of professors and scholars of such locations.
  4. To provide scientific support to professors and scholars, and to offer scholarly and educational support to Iranian students.
  5. To recognize and promote scientific and professional contribution of members.
  6. To conduct scholarly and educational cooperation with professors and scholars in Iran.
  7. To participate in other philanthropic activities in accordance with the purpose of the Association. All such activities are subject to the approval of the general membership and Board of Directors.


Membership consists of the following five categories:  1-Regular Member, who must have one of the following two qualifications :

  • Full-time faculty with doctoral degrees and those in the fields of Architect or Law with terminal degrees from institutions recognized by Council for Higher Education who are engaged in educational, or scientific research activities These individuals should be employed by educational institutions accredited by Council for Higher Education, offering at least a bachelor degree or equivalent.
  • Full-time researchers holding doctoral degrees or equivalent from institutions recognized by Council for Higher Education, who are engaged in non-educational research and scientific organizations.

2- Associate Members, who are part-time professors and scholars with doctoral degree or equivalent from institutions recognized by Council for Higher Education, engaged in universities or other accredited institution of higher education. Associate members can vote but cannot run for a Board position.

3-Emeritus Regular Members: APSIH regular members officially retiring from academic or research organizations who would continue with their voting rights and may run for a Board position.

4-Young Scholars: Graduates with doctoral or post doctoral degrees recognized at APSIH graduation events. These members need to update APSIH one year after joining the organization about their employment status at which time the membership committee may consider options including a change of status to regular or associate category. Young Scholars have voting rights but may not run for a Board position.

5-Honorary Members: APSIH may recognize academicians and research scientists of Iranian Heritage with significant contributions to the community at large for the prestigious designation of an Honorary Member. Honorary member have voting rights and may run for a Board position.


The two main bodies of the Association are the Board of Directors and the Standing Committees.

The Board of Directors which is also executive body consists of nine regular members, who have been in good standing for at least six month prior to the election and have been active in one the committees, and whose eligibility has been approved by the nominating committee.

The composition and election procedure of the Board of Directors in accordance with the governing laws of State of California shall be as follows:

1- Officers: 

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

2- Standing Committee Chairpersons:

  • Fund Raising
  • Membership
  • Programs and Public Relations 
  • Publications and Web Site
  • Research, Education and Radio

3-Conflict of Interest

Board members during their term of office may not initiate, form organizations or programs or serve as spokesperson for such that may have resemblance to APSIH in terms of name, objectives or mission.

4- Election Procedure The Board Members shall be elected with the secret ballot of general membership. The criteria for nominations and elections are described in By-Laws (see Article V, section 4). The procedure is as follows:
  • The president will be elected for two years with the majority vote. Other board members also serve for two years each but half of the board will be elected every year such that each half group of board members staggers the other half over a one-year overlap. The president shall not be re-elected without an elapse of at least two years.
  • Elections will be held and the board members will be identified by the beginning of September.
  • Elections will be conducted via email, and electronic ballots will be sent to the list of all current members maintained by APSIH.  The votes will be tallied by an election committee appointed by the board.  It is the responsibility of the members to update their email addresses.
5- Term of Office All Board members are elected to serve for two years. They may run for the same or other positions in the following years.
Under the current bylaws, elections must be held annually and any change to the bylaws requires the approval of two-thirds of APSIH's membership.


The principal office of the transaction of the business of the corporation is to be located in the county of Los Angeles, State of California.


This corporation is not authorized to issue shares of stock.


The existence of this corporation is to be perpetual.


The By-Laws of the corporation shall be adopted by the Directors named in the Constitution and may thereafter be amended or repealed by any means provided in the By-Laws.



Association of Professors
and Scholars of Iranian Heritage

P.O. Box 4175
Diamond Bar, CA 91765, USA

Telephone: 909-869-2569
Fax: 909-869-2564

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