Perspedia is a new online open encyclopedia the design and development of which has been initiated and originally sponsored by APSIH. The system is currently under construction. We need new sponsorships to expand our development resources.

The “Perspedia” project, would not only showcase the talent, contribution, and achievements of the Iranian people throughout the centuries, but would also implement a significant benchmark for the generations to come. By creating such bank, there would be a specialized library created that portrays the Iranian heritage and their achievement in science, technology, philosophy and arts.

Hence, we humbly invite you to help APSIH to further support and enable this rewarding and ambitious project. Your financial contribution will help us compensate, at least in part, for the many hours which will be devoted to the project by the Perspedia professional crew. You can also assist in providing us with the relevant information and links to be used by the Perspedia crew to enrich the Perspedia knowledge bank.

Objective of Perspedia

Implementing a virtual specialized library devoted to Iranian heritage of achievements in science, technology, philosophy, and art.

Why: To make known Iran’s contribution to science, technology, philosophy, and art and make freely accessible the related resources
How: Content identification, content classification and access management of such resources by employing advanced information technology
Who: All parties interested in science, technology, philosophy and art and the contribution of the Iranian cultural continent (i.e., the greater Iran or Iranzamin according to Iranica) to these human endeavors


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