Technical Entrepreneurship Conference

The Technical Entrepreneurship Conference presents a unique opportunity for you to benefit from the experience and insight of top professionals in the field to learn the essential components of entrepreneurship such as the innovation process, intellectual property and patents, raising capital, starting a company, producing the innovative product or rendering the innovative service, and handling the legal issues.

Click to see sample sessions of 1st Apsih Technical Entreupreneurship conference, Feb 2011

Given the current state of the global economic climate the subject of entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important and appealing worldwide. The relative scarcity and declined security of corporate jobs in this economic climate yield stronger motivation for entrepreneurship, which provides a rewarding career option with a better potential for one's utilization of his or her creative abilities, not only in advancing in professional career and in attaining financial security but also in making lasting impacts for the society at large.

The conference aims at highlighting:

  • Attitudes and behaviors needed for stimulating innovation
  • Knowledge and experience needed as entrepreneurial skills
  •  Issues related to intellectual property
  • Raising the needed funds
  • Starting up a company
  • Product development and commercialization

 Attend the conference if:

  • You are interested in the exciting field of Creativity and Innovation, or
  • You want to learn what it takes to stimulate innovation, or
  • You would like to learn about Intellectual Property laws, or
  • You would like to know about Patent Search and Technology Licensing, or
  • You are thinking about a career change, because you have this great idea, and you would like to learn how to start your own enterprise and what challenges typically lie ahead, or
  • You are bored with the monotony of your job and thinking change, or
  • You are thinking about starting a company and/or raising funds for one, or
  • You want to learn about New Product Development Methodologies.
  • You are an investor and wish to find exciting new technologies to invest in, or
  • You are a manufacturer or a service provider and wish to find opportunities to work with inventors and investors on new product lines.

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